Monday, April 22, 2013

Skinwalker by Faith Hunter - 3.5 stars

Skinwalker (#1) by Faith Hunter
3.5 stars

I liked this book but it was a little slow for me. It took me longer than usual to read it. When I put it down I didn't always want to pick it back up. Once I got to the end however, it did pick up and I was really enjoying it. 

I really like Jane. I think her origins are very interesting. She's part Cherokee and a skinwalker. She's special in that she has another soul living within her. This soul is Beast. In the beginning of the book we don't know how Beast came to share Jane's body because Jane's early memories of her life are blank. Through the course of different things, Jane gains access to some of her memories and eventually remembers how Beast came to be part of her. It's a very sad thing and I can understand Beast's anger. 

There are several characters but they aren't hard to keep track of. Jane has a best friend, Molly, who is an Earth witch. She married a male witch and they've had two children. Apparently Molly's, Angelina daughter is a crazy powerful witch and it's extremely dangerous for anyone to know about her power. Beast feels that Angelina is her kit because she helped calm Angie down when her power exploded. Jane is hired by Katie, the first sane vampire she's ever met. I like how Jane handles herself and I like how good she is with her weapons. She's definitely a bad ass. Leo is basically king of the vampires in New Orleans and he is also the head of his Clan. Vampire politics are very complicated and Jane keeps finding herself on the sidelines watching it all pan out. 

What I really liked was how well Hunter wrote Beast's point of view. You can see her as an animal but also as an intelligent being. I like Beast a lot actually. There is also the curiosity about the vampires. Apparently they are cursed and it has something to do with God. I'm very curious about Hunter's take on vampires. Weres aren't well known but Leo confirms that they exist as well as the existence of elves. I do wonder if we will them in the future. 

This is not a love story but I do think there will be a love interest. 

I would recommend this book to someone who like urban fantasy. It was enjoyable and I will be reading the next books in the series eventually. 

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