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Archangel's Storm by Nalini Singh - 5 stars

Archangel's Storm (#5) by Nalini Singh
5 stars

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This was great. Actually, I think it was better than Archangel's Blade. The main focus was on Jason, one of the Seven, and Princess Mahiya from the archangel Neha's court. But we also got glimpses of Dmitri and Honor and Elena and Raphael. I love that Singh did that because I wanted to still know what was going on in New York, especially with Honor.

Jason has a horrible past. His early childhood was great but then horrible things happened and he no longer had anything to live for. When Raphael took him on as one of his Seven, he made Raphael promise to kill him one day if he started to break. This is the direct quote. It doesn't give anything away:

"I was not...formed correctly. Part of me is damaged and may one day shatter. When it does, I ask that you execute me cleanly rather than allow me to erode from the inside out."

It just shows how well Singh writes. Jason is the angel who never sings but has the most beautiful voice. When Singh writes, I just want these things to come to life so I can actually see and hear her words inside of imagining them.

Mahiya is an angel adopted by Neha. Mahiya is actually Neha's niece. Neha's consort, Eris, had an affair with Mahiya's mother, Neha's twin sister. When Neha found out, she killed her sister and imprisoned Eris. Twins are rare in angels and rather than becoming inseparable, they became competitive and basically hateful towards each other.

When Eris is murdered, Jason is asked to come investigate. There are more murders which requires more investigation and for a long while I had no idea who the killer was. The ending was great. It wasn't what I was expecting and I love how it was written as well. Mahiya is a very strong character despite everything that she has gone through in Neha's court. Jason still has horrors in his past but Mahiya is great for him.

Overall this was definitely a 5 star read. As I talked about yesterday, Archangel's Legion is coming out October 29th. It seems so far away. I can't wait to read more about Raphael and Elena.

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