Monday, June 13, 2016

Awesome Words About Reading

I have some quotes and a poem about the joys of books and reading. I always enjoy running across these because I can relate so much to them. So here we go. 

I was raised among books, making invisible friends in pages that seemed cast from dust and whose smell i carry on my hands to this day.
- Carlos Ruiz Zafon, The Shadow of the Wind

To acquire the habit of reading is to construct for yourself a refuge from almost all the miseries of life.
- W. Somerset Maugham

Novels aren't just happy escapes; they are slivers of people's souls, nailed to the pages, dripping ink from veins of wood pulp. Reading the right one at the right time can make all the difference.
- Brandon Sanderson

Some books are so familiar that reading this is like being home again.
- Louisa May Alcott

Books are the quietest and most constant friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teacher.
- Charles William Eliot

For some of us, books are as important as almost anything else on Earth. What a miracle it is that out of these small, flat, rigid squares of paper unfolds world after world after world; worlds that sing to you, comfort and quiet or excite you.
- Ann Lamott

A person entranced by a book simply forgets to breathe. The house can catch alight and a reader deep in a book will not look up until the wallpaper is in flames.
- Lloyd Jones, Mister Pip

Some books you read. Some books you enjoy. But some books just swallow you up, heart and soul.
- Joanna Harris

Books are many things: lullabies for the weary, armor for the fearful, and nests for those in need of a home.
- Glenda Millard, The Tender Moments of Saffron Silk

I am part of everything I have read.
- Theodore Roosevelt

Books fall open, you fall in,
delighted where you've never been;
hear voices not once heard before,
reach world on world through door on door;
fin unexpected keys to things locked up beyond imaginings

What might you be, perhaps become,
because one book is somewhere?

Some wise delver into wisdom, wit,
and wherewithal has written it.
True books will venture, dare you out,
whisper secrets, maybe shout
across the gloom to you in need,
who hanker for a book to read.
- Books Fall open by David McCord

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Young Adult Books

I've noticed something about myself recently. I've read YA books for a very long time and have rated them on Goodreads. Looking back at these ratings, I find that my feelings towards them have changed as my interests turn more towards the Adult genre. YA books are no longer as entertaining as they used to be and the content seems like it never changes. It's just that there are so many cliches that most authors can't seem to get away from.

The Immortals - Wild Magic
There are some books that will always be amazing. I still love the Tortall Realm created by Tamora Pierce. I still love The Hunger Games along with several other YA books. Some of them I love because of the memories they hold. Others I love because of the writing. But as I was looking through my previously read books on Goodreads, I've realized that the ratings I gave no longer reflect my opinions. The trouble is, do I give them a different rating now that my feelings have changed? I used to like Twilight. That's gone and done with. It's almost embarrassing that I enjoyed those books at one point in my life. There are several others that I can't believe I enjoyed. There is a part of me that really wants to change the rating. Then there's the other part that says to keep it where it's at. That was a different point in my life and my preferences have changed. I remember a time when I would force myself to read books even if I didn't like them. Now I have no problem with doing a DNF (did not finish).

I don't pass any judgement on anyone who reads YA books. If they enjoy it, more power to them. Anyone who reads any kind of book makes me happy. Hell, even reading comic books or mangas count. Reading is the best thing you can do. It keeps your mind sharp. It expands your vocabulary. It can take you away from reality for a time. It can produce emotions within you. Books are powerful and it saddens me when someone says they don't read.

So this is my dilemma. To change or not to change, that is the question. It's amazing the changes a person goes through as they age. Looking back, I sometimes can't understand my actions but I was much younger and much less mature than I am now. I'm almost thankful for the required readings in school. Almost. Some of those books will be forever dull and something I never want to pick up again.

I'm so thankful that books exist. I can't imagine a life without them. I'm thankful for my mom for reading to me and getting me interested in books. I don't know where I'd be without them.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Saven Denial by Siobhan Davis - 4 stars

A novella of the Saven Series
Previous Saven Series Review:

Saven Denial by Siobhan Davis
4 stars

Once again you just don't know what you're going to get with the Saven series. Saven Disclosure ended on a cliffhanger and Saven Denial picks up right where it left off. We are finally learning who Sadie is and where she comes from. She's always been different from her family this novella expands on that. New characters are introduced and Sadie is thrown into another whirlwind of emotions.

I think the new characters add an interesting spin but I'm not sure how I feel about Axton as a love interest. I'm not really into the whole love triangle thing. I do like how Davis handled the whole situation. Sadie has had her memories wiped and now the Tor, especially Axton, are filling her in. But, being Sadie, she didn't simply accept what she was being told and she fought everything. The Tor, especially Griselda, may have plans for Sadie but she refuses to go along with it. She's willing to sacrifice herself to save the Logan's life.

There time travel but it's an odd type. The reader has to keep an open mind and not think too hard about the workings of the universe and just go with it. I had no problem with this but anyone who is a stickler for such things won't find it easy to read.

We've seen a lot of growth in Sadie's character in the first two books and she continues to grow through Saven Denial. This may be a novella but it's definitely action packed. Unfortunately it ended on another cliffhanger.  Next is Saven Defiance and I can't wait.

*Note from the author: This continues the story from where it left off in Saven Disclosure. This is not an optional novella but an essential read if you don't want to miss out on important plot developments.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Saven Disclosure by Siobhan Davis - 4.5 stars

Book 2 in the Saven series
Previous Saven Series Review:
Saven Disclosure by Siobhan Davis
4.5 stars

First off, holy cliffhanger Batman! Oh boy, this book took me for a ride. I guess I should have been expecting a lot of twists and turns because there were many in Saven Deception but I wasn't prepared for all of the ones that were thrown at us. Yet another unpredictable installment in the series. I honestly have no idea where everything is going.

Poor Sadie. She's in love with an alien who also happens to be the Crown Prince of an alien race that has infiltrated Earth. She receives a lot of hate from all sides and it doesn't help that Logan is mostly out of the picture. He's off trying to make sure another alien race doesn't invade Earth. Sadie is stuck with Haydn, Logan's bodyguard and she's basically living in a gilded cage. Logan wants her safe which means he must treat her like a little porcelain doll. I'm so glad when Sadie grows a backbone and finally rebels against her restricted lifestyle.

Sadie is forced into keeping many secrets. She's keeping secrets from Logan, from the rebels, from Jared, from everyone. She never thought of herself as a very good liar but lying was something she had to do to keep everyone safe. She's being tasked with impossible things and the strain is starting to show. When she finds out her brother and sister have been taken to sector 20, she refuses to leave her siblings to their possible fate of becoming mindless drones. Then all hell starts to break loose.

We are introduced to new alien races and we actually get to see Sadie leave Earth all together. It was very exciting to see the Saven universe expand. We are introduced to interesting new characters while many others fall into the background. Some of the characters I was sad to see go while others, like Dante, I was very happy with. The Dante interactions in Deception left me feeling slimy. Such brilliant writing.

I like that Sadie becomes stronger physically as well as emotionally. She's not a brilliant fighter but Haydn's self defense lessons definitely made a difference. It added a little more excitement to things. She doesn't want to be a damsel in distress but when Haydn tries to train her with guns and knives, she flat out refuses. Having a weapon certainly would have helped out at one point in the book but, oh well.

There is a minor love triangle. It's an annoying thing and I hate that it's causing friction between a friendship. It's such a small one that happens towards the last third of the book so it wasn't overwhelming present. I just hope it isn't dragged out into book 3. I also would like Logan's over-protectiveness to be toned down a little. It's grating on Sadie's nerves as well as mine.

Warning: there is a cliffhanger but we do get an author's note at the end stating that there is a novella that picks up right where Disclosure ends. I'm not a fan of cliffhangers but I think this was well done. Some authors seem to do it on purpose but this was a natural ending. I applaud Davis on that. She's a great writer and I definitely liked this book. Anyone who enjoyed Deception will definitely enjoy Disclosure.

Up next in the series: Saven Denial (#2.5)

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, February 29, 2016

In The Blood by Robin L. Martinez - DNF

Book 1 in the Witchbreed Series

In The Blood by Robin L. Martinez
Did Not Finish

I tried reading this book. It has great reviews and I wanted to read it but for some reason I couldn't get into it. The concept is interesting but I just couldn't get attached to the plot line or the characters. The writing is good but it just couldn't hold my attention. 

There isn't anything terribly wrong. There's blood magic and shapeshifter magic and warriors. You would think that would be exciting and make me want to read it. Not so much. Maybe it will one day. For now it will stay on my to-read shelf and maybe some day I'll give it another try. 

I don't give ratings to books I haven't read through so this is a no-rating review.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Saven: Disclosure by Siobhan Davis - Cover Reveal!

Today is the cover reveal for Saven: Disclosure by Siobhan Davis. This cover reveal is organized by Lola's Blog Tours.

Saven DisclosureSaven: Disclosure (Saven #2)
By Siobhan Davis
Genre: Science Fiction Romance
Age category: Young Adult
Release Date: April 21, 2016


To protect Logan, I've no choice but to betray his trust.
The stakes are high, and there are no guarantees.
But I'm not the only one hiding the truth.
Will our love survive all the secrets and lies?

Enemy alien ships crowd the skies over Earth while the world waits with bated breath. The Saven have been exposed, and where once they were abhorred, they are now championed as our greatest ally and our only possible savior.

Logan and Sadie have been separated, and the longer he is gone, the more their love is tested by duty, doubts, and deception.

Sadie and Jarod have infiltrated the highest levels of government, but they are playing a dangerous game. Surrounded by people with conflicting agendas--hell-bent on using her for their own aim--Sadie is confused when the lines between good and evil are blurred. It's impossible to tell friend from foe, and no one can be trusted.

When the full extent of the experiments taking place in Sector Twenty is disclosed, Sadie can no longer sit back and watch as the lower classes face a horrific fate. Racing to save her loved ones and mankind, she risks her own safety and the love she's waited a lifetime for to do the right thing.

But no one thought to save her from herself.

You can find Saven Disclosure on Goodreads

You can pre-order Saven Disclosure here:
- Amazon USA
- Amazon UK
- Amazon Canada
- Amazon Australia

Excerpt from Saven Disclosure:

I pad into the kitchen and hoist myself up onto a stool at the counter. Haydn slides two muffins and a home-made smoothie across to me. “You trying to fatten me up?” I inquire

“You need to eat more when you’re training.”

“I’m sure I read somewhere that you should eat more protein when in training. I doubt you’re supposed to be indulging in calorie-laden treats.”

“Watch your mouth!” Haydn swats me with a dish towel. “Those muffins are made with bran, yoghurt, honey, and fruit. All natural. And totally healthy. Now shut up and eat.”

“Ooh, get you! All right!” I hold my hands up in defeat. “But I doubt I’ll manage two.”

“You can give one to Jarod in work,” he suggests.

I snort. “As if he’d eat anything you prepared! I’d have to lie and tell him I baked it myself.”

Jarod isn’t over his aversion to aliens. And that’s putting it mildly. He absolutely refuses to go anywhere with me outside of work if any of my Saven friends is involved, and he hasn’t ever stepped foot in this apartment. It’s a constant source of tension between us; the cause of more than a few arguments. I understand he’s pissed over the whole memory-erase situation, and the fact that enemy alien ships still hover in our skies doesn’t do much to ease any human’s apprehension, but I’ve tried explaining, time and time again, that we have nothing to fear from Logan and Co., but he won’t hear a word of it.

While I’m grateful that Jarod managed to make it out of Thalassic City safely, and I’m thrilled to be working in the same building as him, sometimes I could happily bash his head against the wall.

Note from the author: This is from the unedited draft and the final version is subject to change.

Praise for Saven Deception (Saven #1):
"The heir to the Lux series." Natasha Anne. Dreamland Teenage Fantasy.

"The worldbuilding and characters leap off the page and come alive with flawless writing and a plot that had me engrossed and on the edge of my seat." Dali. TJ Loves to Read.

"Gripping Read. From the start I was drawn into the world and felt like I was experiencing everything right next to Sadie." Patricia Hamill. Author-Blogger Pure Textuality.

"This book had me hooked from the first chapter. An exhilarating ride with many twists and turns. Awesome." Karla. Goodreads Reviewer.

"Siobhan Davis has created yet another world of characters I became very invested in. The premise is an intriguing one ... and it's different enough to stand out from other YA books." Deirdre. Goodreads Reviewer.

"I am beyond excited for this series. Saven Deception was AMAZING and I couldn't put it down. Ms. Davis created an incredible world and I cannot wait to read the next installment." Michelle. Adventure in Bookland.

"Saven Deception was a freaking awesome read! The worldbuilding was fantastic and the romance between Logan and Sadie felt amazingly perfect to me." Poulami, Daydreaming Books.

"Another hidden gem from the treasure trove in Siobhan Davis' mind." Dianne. Tome Tender.

"If you like Jennifer L. Armentrout's books then you'll love Saven Deception." Amazon UK Reviewer.

SiobhanAbout the Author:
Siobhan Davis writes young adult science fiction fantasy romance books, and she is the author of the Amazon bestselling True Calling series. The first book in her new Saven series was released in December 2015.

A self-professed teenager forever--at least when it comes to books, music, and films, Siobhan is totally addicted to teen fiction and superhero/blockbuster movies. She loves baking, shoes, bags, makeup, anti-wrinkle cream, anything pink, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, and Robert Pattinson (definitely Team Edward).

Before pursuing a full-time writing career, Siobhan forged a successful corporate career in Human Resources over the last twenty years. She resides in the Garden County of Ireland with her husband and two sons.

You can find and contact Siobhan here:
- Website
- Blog
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Google +
- Goodreads
- Amazon
- Newsletter

Sample chapters, quotes, reviews and book excerpts are all available to download from the authors website

There is a cover reveal wide giveaway for the cover reveal of Saven: Disclosure. These are the prizes you can win:
- a 5$ amazon gift card
- an e-copy of Saven: Deception by Siobhan Davis and an ARC of Saven Disclosure by Siobhan Davis

For a chance to win, enter the rafflecopter below:
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Monday, February 15, 2016

Greta and the Goblin King by Chloe Jacobs - 4 stars

Book 1 in the Mylena Chronicles

Greta and the Goblin King by Chloe Jacobs
4 stars

I really enjoyed this book. The original cover wasn't that great but I do like the new one.

This book is full of action, adventure, tragedy, mystery, and fantasy. I found the world building quite interesting. Mylena is full of goblins, faeries, sprites, wraiths, gnomes, and many other fairy tale creatures. There are no humans. Humans are a hated race and killed instantly. Greta, a human, was found by a Sprite, Luke. He trained her to become a great bounty-hunter and taught her how to survive.

Greta isn't a perfect heroine with perfect abilities. She is capable of making mistakes while she's hunting for the Lost. The Lost are any creature who sub-comes to the pull of the Moons. They become rabid creatures who live to kill. We get a clear example of this right at the beginning. She is a human through and through. She has fears and flaws just like any teenage girl. Of course, her fears are legitimate as she always has to be on guard lest she be exposed.

There is a little bit of romance and the smallish love triangle. There's also a little bit of insta-love but it wasn't too much for me. I despise insta-love so there were points where I was irritated but it wasn't too bad. I liked how she cared for the boys she found, especially the youngest. She is compassionate and willing to do what she could to help them survive the cold, harsh world of Mylena.

The ending felt a little rushed but it was definitely a dramatic one. It set up book 2, Greta and the Glass Kingdom, quite well without having a horrible cliffhanger. Overall it was a great book. There are flaws but not enough to bother me. I definitely recommend it, especially to fantasy lovers.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Phoenix Awakens by Eliza Nolan - 3 stars

Book 1 in The Phoenix series
Phoenix Awakens by Eliza Nolan
3 stars

I had such a hard time choosing how many stars to give this book. In the end, I chose 3. There were things I liked and hated about this book, making it difficult to decide. But honestly, there were just too many cliche's for me to really enjoy it.

I really liked the premise of this book. Secret society, magic, creepy vision dreams, etc. It had all of that but there was also the love interest, Graham. Julia, our protagonist is instantly attracted to him. She has yet to admit to loving him but it's become quite obvious. It's bordering on insta-love which I really can't stand.

Julia starts having these weird dreams that are creepy and disturbing. It's not until later that we realize she's looking into Graham's past. These dreams also include his sister, Clara. They show Graham and his entrance into the secret society, the Phoenix. Suddenly this "guide" appears because "her whole life is about to change." The girl happens to be Julia's ancestor. Surprise!

What really bothers me is that Graham happens to move to Julia's town and she happens to be this descendant of this super powerful family. It's too much of a coincidence for me. There were many things about this plot that bothered me. Don't get me started on the "school bitch" and the best friend that suddenly drops Julia with no reason at all.

It was super slow through two-thirds of the book. It finally picks up in the end with some action. But the whole thing is just so predictable. There's a small cliffhanger but I don't think it's enough to draw me into moving on to the next book. I do have to say that I really like the cover. I wouldn't really recommend it to a friend but some people might like it but it just wasn't my cup of tea.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Saven Deception by Siobhan Davis - 4.5 stars

Book 1 in the Savan series
Saven Deception by Siobhan Davis
4.5 stars

I wasn't sure what I was going in to when I requested this book but I'm certainly glad I did. I've recently been having a hard time with the dystopian genre. This book is a mix of dystopia and sci-fi all in one. It's brilliant. This is one of those "don't judge a book by it's cover" deals. I really don't like it but I do like the book.

Sadie is part of the lower class living in the Outer Circle, also known as stars. Everyone has a small tattoo on their wrists classifying them. The lowest class have bronze stars, the middle class have silver coins, and the upper class have gold bullions. Being a star means Sadie is forced to work at the age of 14, she's not allowed to marry or fall in love, she's not allowed to have children, and much more. They're basically considered slaves to the rest of the civilization. I liked how Davis separated the classes using the tattoos and the restrictions placed on the lower class. Her world building is great.

The government decides to try a new way to lessen the strain of overpopulation. They are sending volunteers to an underground city, Thalassic City, for six months to see if it is possible to live there. Sadie volunteered to get out of her dull life and away from the family that hates her. Luckily, Sadie is chosen and she's whisked away to a new world. One thing that made me role my eyes was the name for their little test drive: "The Experimento." I wish there was a better name or just drop the "o".

We knew there were going to be aliens based on the description. Since we know this, it's obvious who the aliens are when Sadie enters her new life. I like how Davis showed the slight differences between the humans and the aliens aka the Saven. It was subtle but the reader can tell...a bit of dramatic irony added a little twist to the story.

Sadie was a great main character. She's strong, brave, and has a good sense of who she is. She knows what she wants in her life. She's inquisitive and cares about her new friends. She acknowledges her failings and her behavior towards Logan (the love interest). The action really picks up in the last third of the book and we see Sadie shine.

This was a great book. I enjoyed it and I am definitely looking forward to the next one. I definitely recommend this book. I might be checking out her True Calling series.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Vengeance Be Mine by Louisa Lo - 4.5 stars

Book 1 in the Cosmic Balance series
Vengeance by Mine by Louisa Lo
4.5 stars

This book was great. I stayed up way past my bedtime. It was worth it though. 

Our main character is Megan. She's half vengeance demon, half trickster. There's never been one of these before so she's considered an abomination. She was bullied as a child and didn't have friends. Her dad is an arch vengeance demon so he's pretty powerful. His side of the family basically shunned her. Vengeance demon's are very proud and logical. Her mother is a trickster, a race of people who like to have fun and don't care about getting jobs or following rules. She has three trickster half-brothers and one vengeance demon half-sister. I loved all her siblings. Despite being half, they never treated Megan as an outcast. 

You feel really bad for Megan at some times. She entered a college to become a vengeance demon and she doesn't fit in. But she's good at holding her head up high and not letting her bullies get her down. But she's still a being with emotions so she has her doubts. To live on her own, she moves into an apartment on the human plane. She has a roommate who loves to cook. I found it amusing when Megan didn't understand some of her roommate's words because she wasn't human. 

What I liked most was the twists and turns that you don't really expect. The world is completely different and the world building is well developed. There aren't any info-dumps and Lo shows us the world and how things work in the right way. Show, not tell. That's a sign of a good author.  I didn't get annoyed with Megan's personality. I respected her determination. She is well developed. 

I would classify this as a New Adult book but sometimes it could be on the Young Adult side. It didn't bother me though. It's well written and captures your attention. I really enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend this to book and I'm considering buying it. I wouldn't mind rereading it. I'm looking forward to the next one. 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Devil's Daughter by Hope Schenk-de Michele and Paul Marquez - 3.5 stars

Book 1 in Lucinda's Pawnshop
Devil's Daughter by Hope Schenk-de Michele and Paul Marquez with Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
3.5 stars

This book was difficult to rate. I liked it but it took me a little longer to get through than most books. I was able to put it down and move on to other books in my to-read pile. I'm pretty good at focusing on one book but I kept getting bored while reading. It's also a difficult book to review. I've rewritten this thing 10 times already.

The plot of the book is interesting. We have the daughter of Eve and Lucifer. We have demons and fallen angels. Shape shifting and magic and people who are at the brink of choosing right and wrong. Lucinda runs a pawn shop full of dark objects that hold dark souls of the past. When a mortal purchases an object they are drawn to, it wreaks havoc in their lives. Lucifer has Lucinda sell these objects so he can further his plot to end the world.

Lucinda is interesting. She has the inner turmoil of being the daughter of Eve and Lucifer. She has a human side that she can't show to anyone because it is her weakness. Of course, this comes crashing down when she meets a mortal man who wandered into the pawnshop accidently. She actually starts to feel things she's never felt before. She has to be careful with this part of her life as well. Basically she had to tread a fine line and keep everything hidden from those around her.

While Lucinda is the main character,we have several points of view. Some of them were interesting. Others were boring. There were a little too many jumps between characters. Most of these characters aren't really fleshed out. It's definitely a plot driven book.

I wanted there to be more world building. There are aspects that aren't explained. What is the Between? Why was Lucinda taken from Eve at such a young age? There are many unanswered questions. Some of them are legitimate and are there to be explored in the upcoming novel(s). But some of them should have been more fleshed out.

I might read the sequel just to see what's coming next. I can only hope that there will be character and plot growth along with it.