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Angel's Flight by Nalini Singh

Angel's Flight (Novellas) by Nalini Singh

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Angels' Flight is a compilation of Singh's novellas. It has four different stories revolving around four different characters from the Guild Hunter series. I really enjoyed all four stories.

Angels' Pawn (# 0.6)

5 stars

This novella was focused on Ashwini, another Guild Hunter who is also hunter born. She doesn't have the scent talent. Instead she can hear the thoughts and emotions of the people she touches. She gets into a contract with the angel Nazarach who we know from the series is one cruel angel. She asks the vampire Janvier. He's mentioned a couple times through the series as a love interest for Ash. They seem to have a love-hate relationship but she is also the only one who hunts him when he pisses off an angel.

This was not much of a love story. It had more action and showed a lot of the angel and vampire politics. But there is that chemistry between the two that makes you want to just say get on with it already. She needs to get over no dating vampires thing because they could definitely be good together. Now I want to know what has made Ash so haunted. There are little hints but nothing is ever fully explained. I'm hoping that as the series progresses we learn more about her particular back story.

Angels' Judgement (# 0.5)

4.5 stars

This is how Sara and Deacon come together. I think the only thing that made me give it 4.5 stars instead of 5 is because it felt a little bit of insta-love. Despite that small factor, I really enjoyed this story. This is set right before Sara becomes the Guild Director. She's given the task of hunting down another hunter who is killing vampires. She is getting help from the Slayer, a hunter of the hunter. It's a lonely job and he doesn't have to do it often so he is also a weapon maker. Let me tell you, when I first read about Deacon I could not picture him as the bad ass that he is portrayed in this story.

We got to see some of Elena and we got to see more of Sara and Deacon's personality. We also figured out where they got their dog Slayer from. I think this little novella was great in it's investigative aspect but it's also great to get some more detail on Sara.

Angel's Wolf (# 3.5)

4 stars

This story is about the vampire Noel and the angel Nimra. This is after Noel has recovered from his beating in Archangel's Kiss. I found this novella interesting. We didn't really know what happened to Noel other than the fact that he would survive. I liked that we got to see another angel and I think she's actually a really cool angel. Her power is crazy and I can see why she is powerful enough to keep her territory against Nazarach.

Noel is brought in because some tried to kill Nimra with Midnight, a special kind of drug that will incapacitate an angel for a couple hours and kill vampires. It has to be someone in her inner court and Noel is there pretending to be her lover so he can figure out the would-be muderer. What I loved about Nimra was passionate about her cats. I love animal lovers in books because I love animals.

The ending wasn't what I expected but it worked for me. Noel's attitude made me smile and I did enjoy it.

Angels' Dance (# 0.4)

5 stars

I loved, loved, this novella. I knew in Archangels' Kiss that Jessamy had a history and I had a feeling that Galen and she were together. Through the series we've had glimpses of these two and I was so happy to learn more. Jessamy is the teacher of all the baby angels and the keeper of the angels' history. She's an angel who can't fly because she was born with a twisted wing. I couldn't imagine that.

This story takes place 400 years ago right when Galen left Titus' court to become Raphael's weapons master. He was raised away from the Refuge so he had never met Jessamy before. He's very blunt and ends up insulting her and continues to accidently insult her. Of course they end up falling in love despite Jessamy's many attempts to guard her heart against his possible pity.

There are some angel politics in there also but mostly it's about their love. The best part is Galen takes her flying and they dance as angels do. We got to see Illium when he was in love with his mortal and we got to see Dmitri get taken down. Galen lives in the Refuge, which is actually necessary for Raphael.

This was definitely 5 stars and I quite enjoyed it. One more story about the Seven down.

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