Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Releases!

Allegiant by Veronica Roth and Archangel's Legion by Nalini Singh are officially out. I'm very excited.

I'm probably going to read Archangel's Region first because it's one of my favorite series. It's going to be great because Elena and Raphael are the main focus again for this book. I've missed them. While I enjoyed Dimitri and Honor's story as well as Jason and Mahiya's, I didn't connect to those books as much. Now that Lijuan has revealed herself and Caliane has woken, it's going to be interesting.

I am debating on rereading Insurgent. I remember a lot of the book and especially the cliffhanger ending but I tend to reread before I start the new release. Insurgent basically ended on an explosion of information and Allegiant will definitely wrap things up. Yet another end to another great series.

I've not even come close to finished A Study in Silks. I haven't really been reading much. Instead I've been painting my mom's Christmas village or cross stitching the stocking I am working on for her. I also think it's because A Study in Silks hasn't really grabbed my attention yet. I'm not that far into the book but I am determined to finish it so I can review it for NetGalley. I've only managed to review The Waking Dreamer.

I really want it to be July 2014 or close to that time so I can get my hands on Magic Breaks. All these little snippets that Ilona Andrews keeps handing out are killing me. Up From the Grave by Jeaniene Frost will also be coming out next year. I need to catch up on her series as well. I haven't read her latest two books.

So many things on my to-read list and not enough time to get through them all. My Goodreads list is getting longer and longer. It's getting a bit ridiculous.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Currently reading, Netgalley, and other ramblings

So I'm currently listening to Harry Potter again on my iPod. Don't ask me why. I have no idea but I really wanted to listen to the series again. I know I'm weird but oh well. I enjoy it and it helps get me through the day sometimes. Thank God I can listen to my iPod at work.

I'm also currently reading A Study in Silks by Emma Jane Holloway, book one in The Baskerville Affair. This is a book I've received from Netgalley for review. I recently finished The Waking Dreamer that I also received from Netgalley and it was good so I'm really excited that I've been getting more approvals from Netgalley.

Netgalley is a website that allows book review blogs to get advanced copies of certain books to review prior to the release date. When I first joined I wasn't getting any approvals. My blog was new and apparently my profile wasn't good enough. Once I started publishing more reviews I started getting most of my requests approved which is very exciting. A lot of the books are from new authors who aren't really known to the world. The Waking Dreamer is a good example. I have a pretty big list that I have to get through and I'm hoping that I will like them all.

I publish my reviews on this blog, Goodreads, and now Amazon. The author of The Waking Dreamer requested that I post the review on Amazon so I obliged. It makes me feel all kinds of special when I get to read these books in advance even though there are a lot of people who get the same opportunity. My blog is not as big as others out there. Mine actually is extremely tiny but I'm okay with that. I love reading and this blog is a great way for me to talk about what I've read and hopefully to help others read too.

A Study in Silks is an interesting book so far. I'm not that far into it but I'm working on it. It's set in Victorian London but it has the steampunk setting and the main character is the niece of the famous consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. Of course there is magic involved which makes it all the more interesting and obviously you can't have a story about someone related to Sherlock Holmes without a murder. I've read other reviews for this book that have been good and bad. I will withhold judgement until I finish the book and move on to the next two books in the series.  After A Study in Silks I will be moving on to A Study in Darkness, book two in The Baskerville Affair. Or not. It depends on if I like the story. I hate not finishing a book but sometimes that has to happen.

Of course I will be taking a break from the Netgalley books when any author releases their next book in the series. Allegiant by Veronica Roth, the third book in the Divergent series, is coming out October 22nd. Insurgent, the second book, ended with a huge cliffhanger so it's going to be great. Then Archangel's Legion by Nalini Singh is coming out October 29th. I've been waiting for this book for a long time as well. I've missed Elena and Raphael so I'm excited to have them as the main focus again.

I've been keeping up with Ilona Andrews and Jeaniene Frost via Twitter and their blogs. I've been waiting for so long for the next book in the Night Huntress series. I'll have to reread and review. Up From The Grave comes out January 28, 2014. It seems like forever away. Ilona Andrews just finished Magic Breaks and it's going through edits and it doesn't even have a set date yet. The snippets are killing me. Then we have City of Heavenly Fire coming out in 2014 as well. The book cover hasn't been revealed yet and after the cliffhanger ending of City of Lost Souls, it's going to be great. The wait for these upcoming books is killing me. I need it to be 2014 already.

In other exciting news that is probably old news now, there is going to be another Harry Potter movie!!! Jo Rowling herself will be writing the script and it's going to be awesome. This is something us Potterheads have never read before so it's going to be completely new to us. That is something I haven't experienced since Deathly Hallows came out. I'm so excited and I can't wait until Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them hits theaters. This is a movie I am willing to pay for.