Sunday, April 28, 2013

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I've decided to re-read the Mortal Instruments series instead of Spider's Bite by Jennifer Estep. I now own it on my nook so carrying it around will be much easier. I love the series and I've been following Cassandra Clare's tumblr feed a lot. She's been posting tarot cards from her different series. This artist is really talented at drawing and she draws things for Clare including character from her upcoming Dark Artifices series and her TLH series. We haven't learned what TLH stands for but I'm pretty excited to hear about it. 

I recently gave City of Bones to a coworker and she has been eating the series up. She enjoys them and when we talk about the series I find myself wanted to read them again. She's just now starting City of Fallen Angels which has a completely different tone than the first three in the series. Once she finishes Lost Souls I'll send her on the heart wrenching story of Tessa, Jem, and Will. I love the Infernal Devices. Clare is a wonderful writer. I can rant and rave about her like I can with Ilona Andrews and J.K. Rowling and many other authors.

As I finish each book I'm going to write a review like I have been doing. I'm also re-reading Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels series and I'll be reviewing them as well because I love them so much. I'm actually listening to Kate Daniels because I love Renee Raudman as a narrator. She does a wonderful job. I am usually listening to one book while reading another. It's a benefit of being allowed to listen to your ipod at work and it's great for long car rides. It definitely makes the drive less boring. Kate 6, Magic Rises, is coming out soon and I'm missing Kate. I hope I get an ARC. That would be wonderful. 

Here are some samples of the artwork that Clare has been posting. The artist is Cassandra Jean and  love what she's been doing. There is spoiler art for City of Heavenly Fire too. It's the last in the Mortal Instruments series and it's going to be awesome.

City of Heavenly Fire spoiler art 

Original post
Isabelle tugged her tank top back down and glared at her brother. “You don’t knock now?” 
“It’s my bedroom!” Alec spluttered. -Cassandra Clare 

City of Heavenly Fire spoiler art

Original post
Jace and Clary

Here are some examples of the tarot cards and the descriptions Clare has provided. 
Original post
The Lovers card! Its meaning is pretty self-explanatory. I felt like there are so many characters whose relationships could represent unity and love. So we decided to make it a flippable card, which worked either way up, and have Magnus and Alec represent love as well. -Cassandra Clare

Original post
Luke and Jocelyn take the Wheel of Fortune card, here renamed the Destined, as it represents stability amid chaos and change. Luke and Jocelyn’s relationship survived chaos, a war, a rebellion, her terrible marriage, his turning into a Downworlder, and much more. Theirs is a great if quiet love. :) -Cassandra Clare

Here's an example of a future character from her new trilogy TDA (The Dark Artifices) who will also be seen in COHF (City of Heavenly Fire)

- this also has Jace's card and description
Mark Blackthorn of the Dark Artifices takes the Chariot card, here called the Changeling. Mark has fey blood like his sister Aline, both of whom you’ll see in City of Heavenly Fire. He’s carrying a kind of bow and arrow known in mythology as an elf-arrow or elf-bolt. -Cassandra Clare

Can you tell I'm super excited? 

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