Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Archangel's Kiss by Nalini Singh - 5 stars

Archangel's Kiss (#2) by Nalini Singh
5 stars

This story starts out a couple days after Elena wakes up from her year long coma. I do love the description of her wings. Honestly, her wings and Ilium's wings are the two I am most jealous of. Elena is "an immortal with a mortal heart." She suddenly finds herself thrust into the cruel world of angels and has to deal with all the politics because she's the lover to an archangel. We have the threat of Lijuan and her reborn. Then we have someone who is going around, threatening the maiming and killing people to prove that he/she is powerful enough to become an archangel. 

One of the things I did love was the child angel aspects. They are so innocent and little Sam makes me smile every time he is in a scene. Children are so cherished and when Sam is almost killed, it's a huge crime that is punishable by death.

We learn more about Elena's past as her childhood memories she had locked away begin to surface. Her history and Raphael's history are really interesting and I'm glad Singh was able to include it to help build the characters' story arch. 

While I enjoyed this book, I think I liked Angels' Blood more. I'm not sure what it is but that's okay. Singh has a way with words when it comes to describing things. I find myself getting sucked in. I love when authors can literally paint their world right before your eyes. It allows you to get deeper into the story. 

There is still a lot of enmity between Elena and the Seven except for Ilium. He has a fascination with mortals. Poor thing. Sometimes I find this annoying but I understand the reasons behind it. Elena is a weakness to their sire and they are willing to put their lives on the line to protect him, even from himself.

Singh does a great job immersing us in the horrors of what being an immortal truly means. But in the end, we still have the love between Elena and Raphael.

Next: Archangel's Consort.

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