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Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews - 5 stars

Magic Slays (#5) by Ilona Andrews
5 stars

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I've read this book many times so I decided to finish my review of the series while continuing to read the Chronicles of Elantra series. I recently finished Cast in Silence but I need a little bit to process my thoughts on it.

Magic Slays it the fifth book in the Kate Daniels. Kate is no longer working for the Order and Curran has gifted her with her own business as a private investigator. The opening chapter makes me laugh because Kate wakes up to the phone ringing and she literally falls out of bed and this is no normal size bed. It is a huge bed and it has four mattresses on it. That's what I love about Ilona Andrews. It is funny right off the bat.

The headmaster of Julie's school calls and informs Kate that Julie has run away again. They refund Kate the rest of Julie's tuition and kick Julie out of the school. Of course Kate is offended and indignant because Julie is her kid. Julie has a very important part in this book even if it's she doesn't have a lot of dialogue. That goes into major spoilers though.

At the end of Magic Bleeds, Curran gives Kate her own private investigative business since she lost the Order coming to the rescue of the Pack. She ends up naming it Cutting Edge and every day she goes to work and sits on her butt and does nothing. She has no clients whatsoever. Apparently Ted decided to blame Kate for the horrible failure with Erra. Because of this, no one wants to go to her.

Andrea has a more active role in this book. She explains where she disappeared to after the battle with Erra. The Order retired her and she spent a couple of month sulking with Kate's attack poodle. Kate hires Andrea to work at Cutting Edge. Basically as soon as Kate hires her, the Red Guard comes in with a job. A client they were guarding and the device he was building have disappeared. This device is bad news and deadly and it was stolen by a secret society that hates magic and wants all the magic to leave the world. They're crazy. The problem is they are all over the place; in the Pack, the People, the Order, etc. The entire magical community bands together to stop this secret society. This is not something that ever happens so it's interesting to see.

We learn a lot more about Kate's true history in Magic Slays. I couldn't believe what I was reading and I honestly felt so bad for her. Everything she believed about her mother and her step father is actually different than she knew. This is hard for Kate to accept.

I like the relationship between Kate and Curran. It is in no way perfect and not everyone is accepting of her position as Alpha. She's officially named "Consort" much to her displeasure but according to her it's better than "Mate." The wolves are still messing with her because she killed Jennifer's little sister. Kate brilliantly puts her in her place by using Pack law and basically outdoing Jennifer.

I liked this book. I really did. It was an unusual plot that focused on secret societies instead of mythology though there were certain mythological aspects to things. We are introduced to a couple new characters and I really enjoyed them. We have a new bouda male and we meet some secondary characters from other magical societies. I liked that they brought these groups together in the end.

Five stars all the way.

On a side note, Ilona Andrews publish a novel from Kate Daniels' world that focuses completely on Andrea and Raphael. I shall review that later. I'm so excited for July 30th. Magic Rises, Kate 6, is coming out. I actually ordered the ebook copy and a signed copy that will be coming to me at the beginning of October. It's all very exciting.

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