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Cast in Courtlight by Michelle Sagara - 4 stars

Book 2 in The Chronicles of Elantra

Cast in Courtlight (#2) by Michelle Sagara
4 stars

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I really am enjoying this series. I'm a little behind on my reviews because I am having a hard time putting them down. I'm currently almost finished with Cast in Fury which is book four in the Chronicles of Elantra series. They're very good and very addicting. 

Cast in Courtlight focuses on the elf/fey-like immortals. Kaylin is suddenly called upon by Teela, a Barrani Hawk who is also Kaylin's friend. When Kaylin arrives, Teela is dressed in court clothing which means a fancy dress. She brings Kaylin to the Barrani High Court to heal the Lord of the West March. He is always called Lord of the West March. Talk about a mouthful. It is very hard to kill an immortal but someone almost manages it. Kaylin is able to heal him but he forced to give her his name. As we learned in Cast in Shadow, the names for the Dragons and Barrani are who they are and they can be controlled through their name. It's not an unknown concept among the faerie world but I like that there is more to the name. Their names are essentially their entire being. This is important later on. When someone knows their name, they can also communicate silently however, they cannot lie when the are speaking like that.

Kaylin is later called to the court because the High Lord's heir is ill. Because she was able to heal the Lord of the West March, they believe she might be able to heal Lord of the West March's elder brother, Lord of the Green. It is crucial that he be healed because the High Lord needs to give his power to Lord of the Green and the Consort needs to pass on her power to the future Consort, her daughter (view spoiler).* The High Court has it's secrets and the High Lord and his Consort play important roles. It's actually very interesting. More magic, more history, more danger.

In this book we see the relationship between Kaylin and Severn grow and eventually she comes to understand why he killed the two children (view spoiler).** Severn has to deal with the guilt everyday even though he did what was necessary. Kaylin could never have done it and in the end the world would have been destroyed. I'm glad that their relationship was repaired because Severn is always there for Kaylin. He watches her back and he cares about her.

Kaylin has some character development in this book which I am happy for. I believe she will grow in each book even though she is extremely stubborn and a horrible student. I like that she now has Sanabalis as her teacher. Her magic still has unknown qualities and it's pretty interesting. I also love Sanabalis. He's awesome and he's a Dragon.

As I continue to read the series I am falling more and more in love with it. I am starting to see more of the world of Elantra and I like that it is unlike any world a lot of authors have created. My next review is of Cast in Secret. Hopefully I'll get to it soon. That will only happen if I manage to put my book down.

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  1. I love Sanabalis too, grumpy smart old Dragon :) Each one just gets better (in my humble opinion) I can't wait to find out what you think!