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Saven Disclosure by Siobhan Davis - 4.5 stars

Book 2 in the Saven series
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Saven Disclosure by Siobhan Davis
4.5 stars

First off, holy cliffhanger Batman! Oh boy, this book took me for a ride. I guess I should have been expecting a lot of twists and turns because there were many in Saven Deception but I wasn't prepared for all of the ones that were thrown at us. Yet another unpredictable installment in the series. I honestly have no idea where everything is going.

Poor Sadie. She's in love with an alien who also happens to be the Crown Prince of an alien race that has infiltrated Earth. She receives a lot of hate from all sides and it doesn't help that Logan is mostly out of the picture. He's off trying to make sure another alien race doesn't invade Earth. Sadie is stuck with Haydn, Logan's bodyguard and she's basically living in a gilded cage. Logan wants her safe which means he must treat her like a little porcelain doll. I'm so glad when Sadie grows a backbone and finally rebels against her restricted lifestyle.

Sadie is forced into keeping many secrets. She's keeping secrets from Logan, from the rebels, from Jared, from everyone. She never thought of herself as a very good liar but lying was something she had to do to keep everyone safe. She's being tasked with impossible things and the strain is starting to show. When she finds out her brother and sister have been taken to sector 20, she refuses to leave her siblings to their possible fate of becoming mindless drones. Then all hell starts to break loose.

We are introduced to new alien races and we actually get to see Sadie leave Earth all together. It was very exciting to see the Saven universe expand. We are introduced to interesting new characters while many others fall into the background. Some of the characters I was sad to see go while others, like Dante, I was very happy with. The Dante interactions in Deception left me feeling slimy. Such brilliant writing.

I like that Sadie becomes stronger physically as well as emotionally. She's not a brilliant fighter but Haydn's self defense lessons definitely made a difference. It added a little more excitement to things. She doesn't want to be a damsel in distress but when Haydn tries to train her with guns and knives, she flat out refuses. Having a weapon certainly would have helped out at one point in the book but, oh well.

There is a minor love triangle. It's an annoying thing and I hate that it's causing friction between a friendship. It's such a small one that happens towards the last third of the book so it wasn't overwhelming present. I just hope it isn't dragged out into book 3. I also would like Logan's over-protectiveness to be toned down a little. It's grating on Sadie's nerves as well as mine.

Warning: there is a cliffhanger but we do get an author's note at the end stating that there is a novella that picks up right where Disclosure ends. I'm not a fan of cliffhangers but I think this was well done. Some authors seem to do it on purpose but this was a natural ending. I applaud Davis on that. She's a great writer and I definitely liked this book. Anyone who enjoyed Deception will definitely enjoy Disclosure.

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I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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