Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fan Art and Its Awesomeness

I love fan art. I run across it all the time while on tumblr. There are some talented people out there who can just capture certain scenes and emotions. I follow a lot of fandom blogs on tumblr. Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Sherlock, etc. I've seen some pretty genius fan art. I've also seen a lot of terrible fan art.

I decided while I'm working on my review for Onyx (Book Two in the Lux series) that I would share some of my favorite works. There are some that I have used for reviews and others that I just can stare at. I'm also including some fanart from tv shows and movies because I think they're brilliant.


Hazel and Augustus

Rose: Will I ever see you again?
Doctor: You can't.

Rose and Eleven

Rue from The Hunger Games

Harry and Ginny

Katniss Everdeen

Races from Chronicles of Elantra

Farewell, Ponds by Saimain on deviantART

Harry and Ginny unwittingly find themselves
in muggle London a bit too close to Halloween
"If there is a life after this one,
let me meet you in it, James Carstairs"
- Will Herondale, Clockwork Princess

Sorcerer's Stone
Chamber of Secrets
Prisoner of Azkaban
Goblet of Fire
Order of the Phoenix
Half Blood Prince
Deathly Hallows

"I don’t want anything else in the world." - Clary, City of Glass
by Alice X. Zhang

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