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Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews - 5 stars

Magic Burns (#2) by Ilona Andrews
5 stars

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It's very obvious that Ilona Andrews is one of my favorite authors. From my previous Ilona post I gave the basic overview of how they work; two people writing under one name. They also do a serial on their website and I just read a snippet of their new series. It's very exciting. I can't wait for July though. July I will have my beloved Kate and Curran back in all their bad ass glory. Seriously though, check out their website.

Magic Burns is book 2 in the Kate Daniels series. I think I've read this one 4 times now. I'm currently on the 4th time listening to Magic Strikes (Kate 3). I liked this one more than Magic Bites. I liked that there was more character and world development. In the first book we are being introduced to the magic and tech world of Atlanta. From the very beginning I liked Kate. I liked that she had a sword and had a ton of magic. I always like it better when the character is different by having more of something instead of less. I'm not sure why that is but that's just my preference. I've read many books where the character has had less and I've enjoyed them. It's looking like that how the new, unnamed, series will be. Kate is more developed in this story. She is now working for the order and has a steady but somewhat crappy pay check.

It starts out with a call from Jim. He has a gig and he needs an extra pair of hands. Right at the end he ditches Kate for "Pack business." I swear I would have punched him if I was fast enough. There is the first appearance of the mysterious crossbow bolts. She makes her way back to the Guild to collect her capture ticket and then heads for the Order. Here we are introduced to Andrea Nash. There is something special about Nash (view spoiler)* but for time being she's just another Knight who got transferred to Atlanta when her partner went loup. Kate and Andrea are friends now; the closet thing Kate has ever had to a best friend. I like Andrea. I like her character and her "specialness." I like that Kate has a girl friend whom she can turn to. The fact that Andrea is also a bad ass helps. After Andrew runs an M-scan on the mysterious bolt, they discover that a flare is coming. The flare happens every 7 years or so and everything in the world turns to hell. Magic is at its strongest for a couple days. Things that aren't usually possible suddenly become possible. Sounds scary and I'm glad I don't live in this magic-filled world.

Boy Wonder petitions Kate for help. Apparently some guy who can pop in and out of thin air stole the Pack maps and completely incapacitated an entire survey team. This is a serious problem because it's rather difficult to attack a group of shapeshifters and survive, especially if Jim is among them. Kate is on the case. She starts where she found the crossbow bolt and eventually stumbles about two teenagers next to a powerful ward. Kate is suddenly in charge of protecting Julie, a way too skinny 13-year-old street kid. Julie has lost her mother and she asks Kate for help. She's got an attitude but I like her. Julie becomes a constant side character throughout the rest of the series. Magic Burns is her debut story.

As Kate investigates a mysterious hole, in pops the guy who stole the maps. He literally can pop in and out of the air. We find out he is Bran and eventually learn that he is the Hound of Morrigan. Kate grabs the maps back from him and starts the investigation for Julie's mother. She takes Julie to her apartment and feeds the starving creature. We finally hear the story of Kate's mother's death. Interesting. Then Kate gets attacked, Kate almost dies, and Curran comes in the save the day. Curran explains what happened when Kate wakes up in one of the Packs' offices and it's extremely funny (view spoiler)**

Ah Curran. I do love him. Kate does not like to be around Curran because she's absolutely terrified of him. I like that she has this fear. It makes her human despite her otherworldly powers from her crazy bloodline. We meet Aunt B and some of the werehyenas or boudas as they liked to be called. Aunt B's son, Raphael, develops a huge crush on Andrea. It makes me smile. I love Aunt B. She is written so well and her dialogue is great.
Ending spoilers here.

There is a little of Saiman in this book but not much. We also have another appearance by Ghastek. Overall it's a great book. It's worth my 5 stars.

There is a Curran POV in Curran: Volume 1. We get Curran's view when he rescues Kate and when he feeds her soup. It's fantastic. Read it free here.

Some awesome quotes from Magic Burns:

“You don't cause problems. You cause catastrophes.” 

“What would I do without the moral compass of a teenage werewolf.” 

“I wouldn't want his demonic, undead-blood-smeared, wolf-smelling ass riding me either.” 

“Derek, you just don't say things like that to a woman. Keep going this way and you'll spend your life alone."
"Don't change the subject. Andrea is cool. And she smells nice. It will be okay."
Apparently I was supposed to sniff people to determine their competence. "How do you know?"
He shrugged. "You just have to trust her.” 

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